Orthotics Adelaide


Orthotics Adelaide for Foot and Heel Pains

If you have been experiencing foot and heel pains, it is important to undergo the right consultation and diagnosis before your condition worsens. As a long term treatment, orthotics Adelaide therapy may be required to maintain your feet in top shape and to avoid experiencing the same pains you might have before.  North Adelaide Podiatry clinic offers orthotics Adelaide therapy for patients experiencing plantar fasciitis, bursitis, tendinitis, diabetic foot ulcers, and foot, ankle, and heel pain.  Our excellent foot health services is driven by our principal podiatrist Dr. Myrna Domiati, a graduate of University of South Australia in the year 1991.  She is a qualified and registered podiatrist in the Australian Podiatry Association and maintains high working standards and continuously improving professional knowledge for orthotics Adelaide treatments.  You will get to meet her by calling 08 8267 6600 for an appointment to visit our clinic located at the ground floor of Suite 3, 183 Tynte Street, North Adelaide SA 5006.   


Orthotics Adelaide Fitting

Orthotics play an important role to those suffering from foot problems.  They do not only work by decreasing foot pains but also by significantly improving function and comfort.  Because most foot problems arise from long term repetitive stress, it is just right to address it by adjusting your lifestyle in terms of shoe fitting and orthotics Adelaide therapy.  Through our expert fitting of orthotics Adelaide at the North Adelaide Podiatry clinic, we are able to prescribe the right orthotics for every kind of foot issue you may have.  It is important that the orthotic is designed to address and target the part of the foot that needs the structural and functional support.  Avail of orthotics Adelaide therapy today by booking an appointment with us.  If you are unsure about your condition and just wish to have a quick assessment, call us to check for free voucher availability.  You may also download that from http://www.northadelaidepodiatry.com.au/attachments/North_Adelaide_Podiatry__Voucher.pdf. 


Personalised Orthotics Adelaide Service for Every Patient

North Adelaide Podiatry is the most recommended foot health specialist in Adelaide.  We offer the best orthotics Adelaide therapy needed for different foot problems.  Our principal podiatrist is a highly qualified specialist who knows the field very well and has an extensive experience in successfully treating a variety of foot problems, including orthotics Adelaide.  On top of her knowledge and professionalism, she is also very friendly and accommodating, and treats every patient with unique, personalised care.  We accept walk in patients, and referrals from doctors and satisfied clients but we also do cater to private insurance holders that are entitled for podiatry services under ancillary care.  Medicare beneficiaries are also very much welcome through a special referral form from their local doctor.  We are also happy to provide services for Veteran’s Affairs patients that require at least a one time initial referral from their local doctor that entitles them for ongoing treatment or indefinite referral.


Love Your Feet With Orthotics Adelaide

Our feet keep us upright and carry our entire weight most of the time.  It is just right to subscribe to the right orthotics Adelaide therapy through North Adelaide Podiatry clinic.  


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